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Great ideas, technologies and brands transcend a singular application.

We seek technologies and ideas that have broad applications enabling flexibility in how and when we approach a market. The highs and lows of a market or the fickle  “flavor of the day” should not be a hindrance to deploying  a successful application of brilliant ideas.

Incremental technologies and ideas rarely address fundamental challenges in a market.

Cranberry seeks brilliant teams that meaningfully challenge current market paradigms. Change can be performance, form, application, cost structure or Blue Ocean opportunities. We look for ideas that are orders of magnitude better than anything currently in the market, not percentages, thereby enabling adequate time and resources to disrupt the market.

Cranberry Capital actively seeks to create a collaborative, enabling ecosystem with our team of Professionals and amongst our portfolio teams.

We seek amazing core competencies within each team so they can maximize their own strengths and contribute those skills across the portfolio. Cranberry seeks to support a broad range of start up costs through our ecosystem by offering services in Accounting, Finance, Legal, Information Technology, and Sales.

We seek teams that know us and we know them through relationships, referrals,  university labs, and alternate ecosystems.

Cranberry seeks to leave control of the business with Founders and Management. As seasoned operational executives, we understand founders’ passion and drive are critical to success. We spend more time upfront getting to know each other so that our interests are aligned and skills are complementary.  Trust and teamwork are critical for success and identifying the right combination of capital and operational partners is key to achieving your goals.

Impact is most meaningful at the transition of an idea or technology into a business.

Cranberry seeks involvement with teams at the very earliest stages of forming your business. Many of our teams were recruited prior to finishing Ph.D. programs and assisting in the transition from academia to the business world. We find being the initial investors alongside founders enables the Cranberry ecosystem to provide the greatest value in developing and shaping the long-term business opportunities.

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